Fixed Surveillance

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Fixed Surveillance

Zedcor’s fixed asset surveillance solution is designed to protect business assets that require real time threat assessment and response.

All too often, slow response times fail to deter criminal activity in industrial environments. Our solution allows for loudspeaker notifications to be sent immediately and security and/or local law enforcement to be contacted within minutes of “Red Zone” areas being breached. Our experienced team of security experts are trained to define “Red Zone” areas that will greatly decrease law enforcement response time in order to protect business assets and deter criminal activity.

System Features

  • High definition pan, tilt, zoom cameras
  • Roaming mode can cover 180 degree area
  • Long range wifi connects to existing network, no data charges or data cabling required
  • Motion alerts sent real time to Zedcor Surveillance HQ
  • Scheduled “Red Zone” programming – geo located motion alerts


  • Storage / laydown yard security
  • Midstream facilities
  • Commercial and residential construction
  • Cannabis high-value operations
  • Crypto mining operations