Remote Surveillance

Zedcor’s remote surveillance solution is based on our leading edge 1000 watt solar hybrid light tower with Cell and/or SAT data connectivity.

This rugged surveillance light tower is specifically designed and manufactured with our Canadian climate in mind. Equipped with state-of-the-art HD cameras that allow remote Pan/Tilt/Zoom and remote loudspeaker warnings to be sent from our surveillance HQ. This allows for optimal remote surveillance flexibility. Our surveillance and security program moves as your project moves.


System Features

1000cc diesel engine, ~6 week refill interval
Lithium ion battery, solar charged
HD cameras with optional pan/tilt/zoom
Cell, satellite or wifi communication
Motion alerts sent real time to our Surveillance HQ
Loudspeaker intrusion warning announcements
Radar tracking alerts (optional) for mission critical “Red Zones”


Pipeline Construction
Upstream and Midstream Construction
Facilities shutdowns and turnarounds
Rig Watch
Commercial and Residential Construction
Community and Cultural Events
Cannabis High-Value Operations