“Zedcor Surveillance and Security is an integral part of our security program. The safety and securing of our worksite and our assets are of paramount importance to us. Zedcor inherently installs confidence, trust, and professionalism. Pushing the boundaries of surveillance, Zedcor incorporates the latest technology with seasoned law enforcement professionals to provide a holistic approach to security that inevitably leads to peace of mind.”
Jamie Cooper, Sr. Vice President of Land Development & Construction
Remington Development Corporation

“Zedcor Surveillance offers a fantastic rig watch service. They have succeeded in providing us with a perceptible peace of mind. I would highly recommend Zedcor to any company that needs to reduce their security costs all the while increasing the overall security of their operation.”

Drilling Manager
Hammerhead Resources
“With the integrity of pipelines being questioned by the public and mainstream media. Our number one goal at Trans Northern Pipelines was to put the safest highest quality product in the ground. Zedcor has not only met but exceeded our expectations with their advancements in solar-powered surveillance. It has given us peace of mind. TNPI’s partnership with Zedcor has alleviated the stress of protecting our pipeline and intellectual property to a minimum. Zedcor’s solar-powered surveillance light towers and the cameras in urban areas have all but eliminated noise complaints during non-working hours. Zedcor has succeeded in helped us prove to the public we are serious about safety and security during construction. I would not hesitate to recommend Zedcor for your pipeline and facilities project, the peace of mind far exceeds the cost.”
Mike Scott – Construction Manager
Trans-Northern Pipelines Inc.